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ARY Sahulat Bazar Online Shopping in Pakistan
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1) What is the proceedure to sms to retrieve PINCODE?

ARYSW Pincode and send on 8068.  


1) What is a ValueBack?
Value Back is the reward that you earn by making a purchase on i.e: If you buy a product worth Rs.1000 and it has a value of 10% VB, you’ll get 100 Rs as Value Back reward.

2) Is the VB percentage fixed or varying?
It varies from product to product. It can be from 2% to 100%.

3) How is VB calculated?
ValueBack can be from 2% upto 100% of Product value of your purchase. The decision of the company shall be final in terms of Calculating the ValueBack.

4) Where can I see my VB rewards?
You can see your accumulated VB rewards on “ARY Wallet” page against the orders you have made on

5) What are the products on which I can avail my VB rewards?
You can redeem your ValueBack rewards on the purchase of Silver (Naqra) & Diamond Jewellery.

6) What If I don’t use my Value Back rewards? Would they expire?
No, they will not expire; they will continue accumulating with each purchase you make on

7) How many Value back rewards I can avail at a time?
It’s your choice, whether you wish to avail few or all of your VB rewards for your purchase.

8) Can I transfer my VB rewards to someone else?
No, you cannot transfer your VB rewards to anyone else. You can use these rewards to make purchase on from your own account only.

9) Can I get cash instead of my ValueBack rewards?

  انعامات کی بجائے نقد رقم حاصل کر سکتے ہیں؟  valueback   میں اپنے

No, you cannot exchange the VB rewards with cash. You can only use these rewards to make purchase on

 نہیں، آپ کو نقد رقم کے ساتھ وی بی انعامات کا تبادلہ نہیں کیا جا سکتا . آپ صرف شاپنگ پر خریداری بنانے کے لئے ان انعامات کا   استعمال کر سکتے 


We only send emails once a month and only about good things



We only send emails once a month and only about good things